Is bottled water safe?

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Is Bottled water safe?

Bottled water safety and purity is a myth. The major players in the water business are the soft drink manufactures. They have bottling plants in virtually every state in the USA, which make them immune to the FDA's regulations on bottled water. Bottled water is regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration. Tap water is regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Both types of water are subject to testing for contaminates. However, an estimated 65% of all bottled water in the U.S. is packaged and sold within the same state, which exempts it from FDA regulation, because the water does not cross state lines. To make matters worse 1 in 5 states do not regulate in-state produced bottled water.

The sad fact is 25% of all bottled water is actually repackaged tap water. Bottled water that says "spring water" may actually be drawn from a creek or river that is spring fed since there is no clear definition on what "spring water" means.

In a recent Gallop survey, consumers said they drink bottled water because they perceive it to be purer than tap water. However, recent tests on 1,000 bottles of 103 different brands of bottled water found man-made chemicals, bacteria and arsenic in 22% of the bottles.

Perhaps the cleanest bottled water is filtered by a process called RO (reverse osmosis). RO water is striped of virtually all contaminants, however, like distilled water, it also removes the beneficial minerals and electrolytes nature has stored in the water. RO and distillation creates a water that many health experts feel can be beneficial for short term cleansing purposes but potentially unhealthy for long term use as it possibly can deplete the body of its own mineral and electrolytes content. This is a highly controversial subject among health experts as there have been no long term studies to clearly verify either position.

Tap water (which accounts for 25% of bottled water) is not immune to contamination problems. Most cities try to meet the EPA standards for tap water, but recent tests found arsenic, lead, and pesticides in the tap water of 19 major US cities. Additionally, bacteria has caused major outbreaks of illness in several US cities within the last ten years. Chlorine levels in tap water and some bottled water is so high it is easily detected at room temperature by taste and smell. That is a major reason why bottled water is refrigerated. Cold water masks the odor and taste of chlorine and other chemical containments.

There is an additional problem with RO and distillation methods for purifying bottled water. Both methods are extremely environmentally wasteful, and in the case of RO potentially hazardous to the environment. The RO process dumps concentrated contaminant water back into the water system and distillation requires an enormous amount of energy (either electric or gas) to purify the water. Add to this the environmental impact of hundreds of millions of plastic water bottles that are not recycled and you have a recipe for environmental disaster.

Is there a safe, clean, environmentally friendly and inexpensive method of getting purified drinking water that still contains its natural mineral and electrolytes content? The answer is absolutely YES

The Seagull IV water purifier is the only chemical free non powered water purifier certified to federal E.P.A. guide standards for the microbiological purification of cysts (such as giardia, cryptosporidia), disease bacteria and viruses!

For only pennies a day, the Seagull IV water purifiers provide maximum purification of contaminated water that you could never get from a mere water filter. The high flow, large capacity Seagull IV water purifiers removes microbiological, chemical and aesthetic water contaminants with a unique power free, chemical free, water purification process. The Seagull IV water purifiers are ideal for (environmentally friendly) daily water consumption and also for emergency preparedness as no power source is required.

The Seagull IV water purifier features include: quick, easy & convenient environmentally friendly water purification with no power, chemicals, hold time, or back washing required! An incredibly compact 5X5 inch stainless steel container with a 10 year limited warranty equals quality that lasts and easy installation. The famous patented RS-1SG "Structured Matrix™" cartridge provides high flow rate, high capacity, easy maintenance and long life for just pennies a day.

Instant, effective natural water purification through a proprietary structured matrix advanced water filter purification technology for removal of microbiological water contaminants and chemical and aesthetic water contaminants without the use of chemicals, electricity, hold time, multiple pass through or large storage tanks.
Importantly Seagull IV water purifiers leave the beneficial minerals and electrolytes in your water. You will never get this level of water purification from a mere water filter. The Seagull IV water purification system initial cost may be higher than a water filter but its level of effectiveness meets or exceeds complex powered water purification units costing three to four times as much and is significantly more environmentally friendly.
Seagull IV water purifiers leave you with sparkling pure great tasting healthy water. Peace of mind at less than a tenth of the cost of bottled water.

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