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"Solutions to Today's Health Crisis" *
The Truth about Aloe Vera: A special Bio-Protected Aloe Vera process
By John Finnegan, N.D.


Today's Health Crisis.

Mankind has created such a pervasive pollution of his environment, a depletion of nutrients in the soils and in our food, and such an imbalanced way of living that the health of the populations is deteriorating at an accelerating rate. Yet, in the midst of this darkness of our own creation there is the dawning light of a special knowledge of herbs and nutrients that can give protection and healing to those who strive to live consciously, and are open to appreciate Nature's creations. This article presents some newly discovered truths about aloe vera and its promise for healing that have, until now, been hidden. Recent developments in technology have produced Bio-Protective Processing™ of Herbal Aloe Force and its' unique aloe / herbal extraction process techniques that have provided us with a combination of the most powerful cleansing, tonifying and healing tools imaginable. A potent vital health combination that has not been available until now.

The Failure of Antibiotics and The Emerging Supergerms.

One of the biggest concerns in medicine today is the rise of the emerging super germs (powerful mutating bacteria, viruses, yeast and parasites) and the failure of antibiotics. There have been many front page articles in Time magazine and Newsweek, the NY Times as well as numerous books written expressing great concern about the failure of medicine's ability to deal with many diseases that they had formally been able to control. Tuberculosis, Malaria, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, strains of staph and strep and many other diseases have mutated in response to the excessive use of antibiotics and other medications into more virulent strains that not only have become resistant to medications but some have even mutated into species that actually eat and thrive on the medications that were formerly used to kill them. These and other diseases are on the increase as they have become resistant to all forms of antibiotics, and this is creating a crisis in health care today.

We are witnessing a situation where bacteria and viruses are mutating constantly. No matter what drug is developed they are going to be mutating an ability to overcome that drug very quickly. One of the beauties of special natural formulations is their power to help kill these viruses and bacteria regardless of their newly mutated forms due to their broad spectrum capacity to kill hundreds of bacteria and viruses whereas the normal antibiotics can only kill 4 species of bacteria. Herbs that continue to be effective in fighting diseases for thousands of years have numerous components in it. But medicines that isolated components of the herbs soon become ineffective when the organism mutates slightly. This is true not only with drugs but also with nutritional supplements that isolate and extract single components from plants. These isolated elements are not nearly as effective, if at all, compared to the same nutrients remaining in their whole form with hundreds of nutrients and cofactors that together can be utilized by our bodies effectively. The use of many of these isolated, single-action drugs can also create great imbalances in the digestive systems and immune systems that trigger a domino effect of dysfunction and deterioration throughout the body. There is nothing more powerful and more wholistically designed than the body's own systems for growth, health, defense and healing.

The big questions from doctors today are how to improve the immune system, how to improve the body's ability to fight disease, how to utilize formulas that have a broad spectrum ability to kill emerging organisms and that are not subject to be outdated by the mutated forms and with no harmful side effects. But they won't find it in traditional medicine's isolated, synthesized, fractionated components that aren't designed to be recognized by the body's natural biological systems.

While the medical profession's drugs are becoming less effective and more harmful, it is evident that there is a tremendous need for health practitioners to look to and discover, study and incorporate these special alternative wholistic methods using special herbal formulations that are effective against disease organisms while at the same time strengthen the immune system and support the body's overall health.

How valuable is Herbal Medicine? Many people, including traditional medical practitioners, feel that herbs are "good for" minor things, but that they don't have the capacity to help the body fight serious diseases. But, in fact, there are many herbal therapies that have profound effects on curing even the most serious diseases. In fact, herbal remedies are proving themselves to be even more advantageous than pharmaceuticals in many situations especially when it comes to the threat of inevitable new strains of virus and bacteria. New strains of the flu virus appear every year, a new strain of hepatitis has just been identified...we can't rely on medicine to constantly keep up with these new strains or anticipate our body's needs, but...Herbs can and do.

The beauty of herbs, especially the aloe vera herb and the herbs I discussed in the last issue, is that they are non-specific, broad spectrum and enhance the body's functioning in many ways with only good side effects. These herbs have been demonstrated to be extremely powerful and effective to directly destroy foreign invaders AND to directly and profoundly enhance the functioning of the entire immune system which is designed to defend, fight, cleanse and repair against ANY biological attack.

People and doctors rely on pharmaceuticals because this is what they know. But it has been reported by the American Medical Association (‘98) that even when taken properly there are more than 100,000 deaths each year from prescription medicines with more than a million hospitalized. We have come to accept these pharmaceuticals as our "health care" treatments even though they cause serious imbalances and harmful side effects that effect our quality of health and life.

Traditional medicine certainly has its place as crisis intervention when the body is traumatically hurt or is seriously failing. But nutritional and herbal therapies should certainly be considered and used before resorting to invasive medicines and treatments. A lack of awareness, education, and misinformation by both the pharmaceutical and the natural products industries as well as poorly processed natural products has kept most of us in the dark about the proper use and possibilities for good herbal remedies. Please read on as I share some of my experiences with one herbally enhanced aloe vera remedy that has met all my demands and surpassed my expectations for quality, effectiveness and healing.

The Solution to these Critical Issues in Medicine Today*

A Special Whole "LIVE" Herbal Aloe Vera with Colloidial Silver
Following I present the most powerful cleansing, tonifying and broad range healing formulation that only recently has been made widely available in an effective form. It is Bio-Protected™ aloe vera with herbs, including cat's claw, the Essiac herbs, and Astragalus. My other most recommended nutritional healing formulas are colloidal silver, proanthocyanidins, flax seed oil and supportive digestive enzymes combined with a diet and lifestyle that is supportive of overall health.

A Specially Processed, Full Potency, "ALIVE" Herbal Aloe Vera
There are many remarkable herbs and formulas that will help to keep us healthy and heal us when we are ill. The most powerful and broad reaching is the aloe vera plant. However, the healing properties of this plant have not been available to us in the aloe products we have seen until now. A technological breakthrough in aloe vera processing, by a brilliant chemist, has produced a unique "Bio-Protected™" whole aloe vera. This newly developed Bio-Protective Processing™ technique preserves the "life" and potency of the whole aloe vera plant. This aloe vera is biologically active, because it is processed without any heat and maximizes the potency and activity of the 200+ nutrients in the aloe plant including enzymes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, glycoproteins, growth factor, and the full range of all sizes of mucopolysaccharides known (especially the beta linked glucomannans). This active aloe vera is also never concentrated, dried or diluted which makes so much sense to me as it protects its natural proportions retaining its powerful biological design. Another important feature of this special aloe is that it is the only one that has all the bitter aloin (laxative) compounds removed. It has only relatively recently become available and it is the most powerful cleansing, tonifying, and healing herbal combination I have ever worked with. This is the first time a "live", full potency aloe vera is available for daily usage and is nothing like other aloe vera products known.


Mucopolysaccharides are large, complex sugars also known as acetylated-polymannans, MPS, Acemannan, and betaglucomannans. Mucopolysaccharides stimulate growth of healthy tissue and enhance overall immune functioning and revitalize cells to function optimally. Mucopolysaccharides are found in large amounts in Bio-Protected™ aloe vera. Interestingly, many of the most powerful tonifying and immune enhancing herbs like Reishi mushrooms, Astragalus, Shiitake mushrooms, Ginseng and shark cartilage and others all also contain large amounts of Mucopolysaccharides. These beta glucomannans (mucopolysaccharides) are also becoming popular in isolated, extracted forms and marketed as immune enhances.

One important point to remember is that although some of the scientific research on these betaglucomannans is astounding they must be introduced to the body in a form that is biologically available in order for them to be effective. I have found that this special aloe formulation finally demonstrates all the properties that the research and other products have only promised.

Following are a few of the vital functions that Muco-polysaccharides have been found to perform and that are demonstrated by this Bio-Protected aloe vera.

1. Become incorporated into the cellular membrane and make it resistant to viruses and pathogenic bacteria. Also directly kills viruses, bacteria, parasites, and yeast.

2. They provide critical lubrication of joints, helping to prevent arthritis and heal it once it has developed.

3. They aid in the absorption of water, minerals and nutrients in the GI tract as well as promote tissue regeneration and a healthy balance of stomach acids.

4. They can survive the digestive system and stimulate the macrophages of the immune system increasing their effectivity to engulf foreign bodies and to orchestrate the entire immune system.

5. They stimulate the fibroblasts (skin and tissue producing cells) to release collagen and elastin generating new tissue growth.

The fresh aloe vera plant contains the full range of all sizes of polysaccharides (including the full range of beta-linked-glucomannans) that have been scientifically studied to possess many healing and beneficial properties. But it also has been found that these polysaccharides work best in the body when intact within the whole aloe vera where they are also in balance with other nutrients and cofactors needed for all these biological reactions to occur. The aloe vera plant, when it is captured in its entirety, contains over 200+ nutrients including enzymes (including those not found in any other plants), vitamins, minerals, amino acids, glycoproteins, plant growth factors, plant sterols and more. All these nutrients and polysaccharides together, in their originally designed biologically active form, can deliver a myriad of properties and health benefits some of which are:

• Promotes the growth of healthy tissue, improving muscle strength (heart muscle).

• Promotes the growth of new cells and tissues (for inner and outer wounds, healthier skin, and wrinkles, etc.)

• Increases the cellular membrane resistance of each cell to viruses and other pathogenic organisms.

• Enhances cellular metabolism, integrity, detoxification and permeability.

• Provides needed nutrients to nourish and hydrate the cells (aloe is 5 times "wetter" than water).

• Spreads its nourishing, cleansing, homeostatic and immune enhancing properties throughout the body.

• Can increases people's energy and stamina.

• Reduces serum cholesterol.

• Improves sugar metabolism balancing blood sugar levels (diabetes).

• Stimulates the bone marrow activity.

• Dilates capillaries, increasing the blood supply to the area to which it is applied.

Immune and defense systems:

• Kills pathogenic bacteria, viruses, yeast and parasites.

• Improves immune system function directly in many ways.

• Stimulates and improves macrophage (white blood cell) activity.

• It has been demonstrated that macrophages stimulated by the whole leaf aloe were up to ten times more effective than un-stimulated macrophages in
killing tumor cells by consuming them.

• Macrophages orchestrate the entire immune system functioning.

• Increases number of and improves killer T-cell activity.

• Increases number of and improves monocyte activity.

• Increases number of antibody forming T-cells in the spleen.

• Neutralizes much of the damage from radiation poisoning and chemotherapy.

• Reduces bleeding time.

• Antioxidant.

Comfort, Pain Relief:

• Anti-inflammatory action. Reduces inflammation and swelling for inner and outer tissues.

• Provides critical lubrication of joints.

• Provides significant reduction of pain.

• Relieves itching.

Cleansing and Detox:

• Proteolytic enzymes and other cleansing activity help breakdown and remove tumors and growths.

• Helps the removal of dead cells, built up mucous and toxic waste substances.

• Improves allergic reactions -contains natural antihistamines.

• Improved cellular metabolism.

• Pushes out toxins and waste more efficiently.

• Is a completely safe beverage to drink.

• Detoxification and cleansing without a laxative effect.

A New Generation of Herbal Aloe Vera Formulas:

The "Aloe Herbal Extraction Process" Herbal Extraction Process

The company who developed this unique Bio-Protective aloe processing technique has also developed a new "Aloe Herbal Extraction Process" where the following herbs are extracted directly into this special aloe using the aloe as the extracting agent. This process actually incorporates the herbs directly into the most dramatic biological delivery system possible. Being incorporated into the aloe increases the biological availability of both the herbs and nutrients in the aloe itself. I have found that this is the best way to deliver some of my favorite and most powerful healing herbs.

Cat's Claw
cat's claw is the favorite herb of the shamans from the Peruvian rain forest. The inner bark of uncaria tomentosa has been used to treat a broad range of illnesses successfully including cancer, AIDS, chronic fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel, arthritis, depression, fatigue, infectious diseases and many other conditions. This process is a great development because cat's claw is a very tough bark, and every herbalist of experience knows that all roots and barks have to be simmered for 40 to 60 minutes to extract their properties. This is how Ashanaka Indians always used the cat's claw in their healing therapies. The other way to make an extract is through using alcohol as a solvent and then concentrating the liquid. But the best way I have experienced is this new Aloe Herbal Extraction Process by Herbal Answers. People will get some benefit, of course, from using the cat's claw powder put into capsules and tablets, but nothing like their properly prepared decoction and extracts. cat's claw is a premier immune system and metabolic tonifying herb of the highest order so you want to be sure to get it in its best form.

The Essiac Herbs
The Essiac herbs have been used for 60 years to treat cancer in tens of thousands of people. This herbal combination is known in all wholistic circles as the foremost cancer cure among herbal remedies. Essiac is a combination of 4 herbs, Sheep Sorrel, Burdock Root, Slippery Elm Bark and Rhubarb root. These herbs have strong oxygenating and blood cleansing and detoxifying properties. As always it is crucial to be sure you use the original balanced formulation. People today are claiming that other herbs are necessary to support its daily use and kidney function. I have found that this formulation in this aloe is by far the safest and most effective way to use these herbs daily for prevention and healing.

Astragalus, a Chinese herb, is becoming increasingly recognized to improve immune system function and is one of my favorites for this purpose. It is being widely used to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation as well as preventing the spread of cancer cells. It is also used for a wide variety of ailments diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure.

Pau D’arco
This premier herb has been used for centuries in South America for cancer and is widely known as a natural antibacterial agent, blood cleanser, and immune enhancer.

Hawthorn Berry
Adds great balance to an herbal formulation as it is a great overall heart tonic. Known for the benefit of the heart muscle, for blood vessel dilation and lowering cholesterol.

Used in Europe for its antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antiinflammatory and nerve calming effects. Great for digestive and skin health.

Colloidal Silver
Colloidal silver is a very important, powerful, broad-range, natural antibiotic that will only destroy bad, unwanted organisms. It does not affect normal cells or kill "good" bacterial or intestinal flora. It has been shown to be effective against 650 disease organisms and I love using it in this new herbal aloe formulation as it's effectiveness is enhanced by aloe and the cleansing and elimination of any "die off" is also supported by the aloe. The colloidal silver in this aloe formulation can be used effectively as both a remedy and a prevention for colds, flu, infections, fungus or virus, and bacteria, especially staph and strep. and including E-coli and salmonella.

Usage of Herbal Aloe Force Juice and Topical Skin Gel

This specially processed aloe vera with these healing herbs and colloidal silver has turned out to be everything I had hoped for and more. Try to imagine that all the properties of just the aloe alone are really effective. Try to imagine a natural formulation that can profoundly enhance the very basic functioning of each cell of the body as well as have many profound immune enhancing, balancing, cleansing, rejuvenating and regenerating properties for all the cells, tissues, glands, organs, functions and systems of the body. This formulation has well surpassed my expectations for healing and strengthening the body in every way. Following are just some of the uses and areas of health this formulation addresses. Two things that make this Bio-Protected™ aloe vera unique is that it maximizes the number of large polysaccharides, the beta-glucomannans, and their biological activity to be able to survive the digestive system and be taken up whole into the lymph system where they are available throughout the body. This makes this the aloe that will demonstrate what the research only promises. This Herbal Aloe Force formulation has proven to be powerfully and directly immune enhancing.

The second unique and very important difference of this formulation is that ALL of the laxative properties have been removed from the aloe. This makes it safe to be taken on a daily basis by people of all ages and health status so the usual warnings about drinking aloe do not apply to this aloe. (It also removes the bitter aloin taste). I have worked with this herbally enhanced aloe vera juice and skin gel extensively with great success and exceptional results. Following are just some of the uses and areas of health this formulation addresses.

Colds and Flus- Prevented and Ameliorated Respiratory Bacterial and Viral Infections

Every year colds and flu get worse and worse. Years ago getting a cold or flu was a minor experience for most people. It meant at the worst a day or two of bed and a little inconvenience. This year many very healthy people spent 1-3 weeks totally devastated, bedridden, racked with pain and then a lot of them had a relapse a week or two later and for some the flu drags on for months. Fifteen years ago I saw that this was going to happen because of the deterioration of our health from the environmental poisons and the increasing virulence of the cold and flu organisms.

Fortunately we now have this new, very powerful herbal aloe remedy that I have seen give people tremendous protection and support to both prevent and help treat colds, influenza other viral and bacterial respiratory infections. I have seen this formulation cleanse built-up mucous, rebuild the tissues of the respiratory system, and strengthen the immune system to rid people, both young and old, of their chronic allergies, sinus conditions, bronchial asthma, and even emphysema while also eliminating their yearly colds and flu.

Actually I was surprised to see one very healthy person, a nutritionist, who has a good diet and lifestyle, get pneumonia this year, and it was very serious. I got her some of this aloe formulation, and she was amazed at how quickly she made a full recovery. I have seen many cases of people using this special herbal aloe formula as a preventive and they have completely avoided their usual illness, or if they do get something, it is a minor event, and they report unusually speedy recoveries.

This year I saw a nurse who works in a clinic who gets a severe flu every year. This year she took this aloe as a preventative, and for the first time she didn't get sick at all, even being exposed to the severe flu that went around this year. A doctor in the same clinic got hit hard with the flu, but then started taking the herbal aloe and was very impressed with how it helped him to recover so quickly and prevented a relapse. Needless to say this herbal aloe vera formula has become one of the most popular and prescribed natural medicines that this clinic now gives to many people for many conditions.


I've had many great successes with young children with ear infections. I had one young girl, five years old, with chronic ear infections. She had been on antibiotics for a year, the strongest antibiotic they had, and she kept getting worse and worse. I put her on a program of a lot of this herbal aloe and probiotics and within a short while her ear infections cleared up completely. Over the next year she became healthier and healthier not even getting colds and flu while her classmates did.

Its a wonderful new thing to use with children as well as with older people who are frail and sensitive. Where many other kinds of medications or even supplements may be too harsh or toxic, this aloe formulation is something that is so effective and yet mild enough to be used safely with our children and the elderly.

Dosage for colds and flu.

I would recommend a good 4 oz/day = 2 oz twice a day on an empty stomach, for prevention. Of course people can do more for prevention but I think 4 oz is usually a sufficient amount. And when people get, or start to get, the flu I suggest at least 12 -16 oz per day (or preferably more) in split dosages on an empty stomach until the malady subsides. Once feeling better you can reduce your
dosage by a couple of ounces a day to a maintenance dosage. I've seen people using a quart a day (because usually the more the better) and seen it give them tremendous relief, speed healing time dramatically, boost energy, and strengthen the immune system to be able to successfully fight off future attacks. The beauty of this formulation is that you can't take too much and the more and the longer you take it the healthier your body becomes and the less you need in order to achieve the same results.

Cancer / Immune Function.

The last 5 years working with people with cancer has been the main focus of my practice. Of all the different therapies and remedies that I've seen out there (I've seen literally hundreds of different therapies and remedies), some of them are quite excellent...even extraordinary... and some don't live up to their billing. But this herbal aloe, in many ways, has again and again turned out to be the people's and practitioner's favorite formulation; it always does something to improve the situation-often very dramatically. Not that it should always be used by itself; it needs to be part of a whole program, and sometimes it needs to be coupled with other therapies. When it is added to other therapies, it, inevitably makes the other therapies work much better. Some of the foremost healers and nutritional consultants who have worked extensively with cancer have told me that this special herbal aloe formula is the best thing they have ever worked with for cancer patients.

One of the reasons I've grown more and more fond of the herbal aloe for cancer is that (although it is the most effective therapy I use) it is also so mild and easily tolerated and assimilated by the body. A lot of the therapies like vitamin C drips and powerful detox formulas and treatments can be very stressful on the system, and they can cause adverse reactions in some people. But this special herbal aloe formula is the best tolerated of any formula I've seen. Many practitioners and doctors that I work with have told me that when people have had severe conditions of cancer and couldn't tolerate any food or drink, even water, they were able to tolerate this aloe quite well.

I saw this, not long ago, with a 60 year old gentleman with liver cancer taking chemotherapy treatments. They told him he would not be able to drink or eat for quite some days from the reaction of the chemo and much to their surprise he was able to use the aloe immediately. He recovered. He took quite a bit of the aloe for his liver cancer, and during chemotherapy and afterwards he had less side effects and was healthier and stronger than any of the other people in chemo at the time he was being treated.

Time and again I have seen this herbal aloe greatly ameliorate the side effects of people who have had chemotherapy and/or radiation. Again and again people have told me how much they found it helpful to help neutralize the side effects of those treatments. Many of my patients have used programs where they didn't need or chose not to have chemotherapy or radiation, and in all those cases the herbal aloe was a mainstay of their program.

I believe one reason this herbal aloe formulation is so effective with cancer is that it contains the Essiac herbs, which is the foremost herbal formula for cancer and delivers the herbs in a unique and effective form. Along with its other ingredients this herbal aloe is specific for cancer both as a prevention and treatment.

Again this herbal aloe has tremendous immune enhancing, blood cleansing, oxygenating, antioxidant, detoxification and in fact many direct properties that actually help the body kill and eliminate the cancer. I definitely recommend a large dosage for treatment. The herbal aloe is very dose dependent with cancer, and I strongly recommend at least 16oz per day in divided dosages throughout the day and evening, on an empty stomach and even preferably up to 32 oz/day. The more the better. It helps a great deal with pain, discomfort, nausea, and with the body's digestive processes. It helps people continue to eat, digest and heal faster.

The topical gel formulation is also recommended, in addition to the juice, for skin cancers and to rub into areas to be absorbed into the affected areas. I've seen a great many successes with this aloe formulation including: prostate cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer.

One man I had with a tumor in his head that was growing out of his forehead, pushing into his eye, and growing into his brain. His cancer had grown 50% in 30 days; it was one of the most aggressive forms, and they couldn't operate because it was growing into his brain so rapidly. The MDs put him on radiation therapy, and I put him on large doses of the Herbal Aloe Force and a complete nutritional program. The most they were hoping for was to be able to shrink the tumor enough to operate on it, but after five weeks of treatment, much to their amazement, the cancer had totally disappeared. Now 4 years later he is in great health with no sign of recurrence. The MDs couldn't believe it.

I've seen bladder cancers, stomach cancers, lung cancers, colon cancers, even pancreatic, and many stage 4 (metastasized to the bone) cancers disappear in a few weeks and sometimes in many months, depending on the health of the person, the severity of the cancer and the comprehensiveness of their program and their Herbal Aloe dosage.

One man in New York was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer. He had been feeling terrible. When he got the diagnosis, he went on one bottle per day, in split doses, of this herbal aloe. He went back to the hospital in three weeks to get a scan in preparation for surgery, and, much to everyone's amazement, there was no sign of the cancer.

A lady called from back East with stage IV breast cancer metastasized to the bone. She had tried chemo, but the side effects were so awful, she had to quit. She began on 16 oz/day of the Herbal Aloe Force. A few months later her bone cancer was gone and the breast cancer greatly reduced. She feels great and she continues her Herbal Aloe Force and won't be without it.

I have also had several cases of breast cancers that, with a high dosage of juice and rubbing the gel into the breasts, have avoided all side effects of chemo and/or avoided surgery and further chemo and radiation procedures.

This is such a powerful formulation to support the healing systems of the body and yet so pure and safe that it can be also taken as a daily nutritional supplement by people of all ages. I definitely would recommend in this day and age that everybody take this herbal aloe as a cancer preventative and certainly anyone who has any indications of risk of developing cancer should take quite a bit of the aloe for prevention. Remember, there's no substitute for a healthy lifestyle. If other therapies are required, this herbal aloe will only make them more effective.

Dramatic Results with Digestive and Elimination Disorders.

Again the aloe stands out above anything else for the full range of stomach problems and digestive and elimination imbalances, and disorders including indigestion, excess gas, nausea, mal-absorption, ulcers, hiatal hernia, acid reflux, diverticulitis, constipation, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, candida, parasites, irritable bowel, leaky gut syndrome, ulcerative colitis and even crohn’s disease. All these conditions very quickly show a great deal of improvement and leads to complete recovery by using this aloe formulation correctly.

Because this aloe works so systemically its not just symptom relief, it works on many fronts, killing off bacteria, parasites, and candida in the digestive track. It normalizes the stomach acid production and normalizes liver function that quite often can be a major factor in digestive disorders. It has a tremendous capacity to increase the growth of new cells (up to seven times), so by having the aloe directly on the surface of the stomach and intestines, it will increase the healing, regeneration, and health of the inner tissues. it's also tremendous for breaking down toxic matter and normalizing bowel function. It is a good idea to take it on a regular basis to keep the digestive and elimination systems functioning optimally which is so crucial for overall health and energy.

Again, the amount of a therapeutic dosage will depend upon the severity of the problem. You should work up to a dosage where you get symptom relief and maintain that for several months before slowly (ounce by ounce) decreasing to find your maintenance dosage. For ulcerative colitis, crohn’s, leaky gut this may be 12-16oz per day for several months.

Hepatitis B and C Cured Quickly.

This aloe formulation seems to be very specific for liver disorders including liver cancer, hepatitis, cirrhosis, general cleansing and rejuvenation. I don't think we know all the reasons why but from the results I have seen, this herbal aloe is the number one thing to use for liver conditions and general liver health. I found its success with hepatitis, B and C is extraordinary. I am amazed at the totally unexpected success with working with people with hepatitis.

I had one person who was a patient at UCLA and diagnosed with Hepatitis C in ‘94 in accordance with his biopsy results in ‘94 and liver enzyme readings of AST (SGOT) panel at 210 (1-41 normal) and ALT (SGPT) panel at 245 (0-45 normal). He was bedridden, and he had a lot of trouble with his Interferon treatment. He was in the last stages of the disease, and there was no hope for him. Then with a good nutritional program along with a lot of this herbal aloe, he started to feel much better right away, and a year later he was healthy, working in construction and virus free. They couldn't find the virus in him. He has been Hepatitis C free for 3 years with liver enzyme readings of AST (SGOT) panel at 23 and ALT (SGPT) panel at 12.

I've had many other cases of hepatitis C where people became well and eventually virus free. I've had similar results with Hepatitis B. In one case a person became virus free in 3 weeks. Liver enzymes go down very quickly in both B & C. With the herbal aloe I have seen people restored to good health relatively quickly. The only exceptions are people with very, very damaged bodies who need higher dosages for longer periods of time to address and support the damage and imbalance of many organs and systems of the body.

It has been amazing to me to see that there is such a lack of information and understanding of effective therapies for people with Hepatitis. Most people take it as a death sentence when it becomes active. Although there may be some hope that new medications will be somewhat helpful, I have found that the number one formula to use with Hepatitis is this herbal aloe as part of an integrated wholistic health program.

Other Uses

It is difficult to share the many uses of this aloe formulation because it dramatically improves the health and functioning of all the systems and functions of the body. In addition to what I have already discussed, I have seen great success with candida, parasites, all types of arthritis, diabetes, balancing metabolism and hormonal functioning (PMS), heart disease and weakness, and cholesterol balancing. For the immune system I have seen it be successful in treating: all types of cancer, immune weakness (even from chemo and radiation), lupus and other auto immune disorders, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, MS, viruses including influenza, herpes, HIV, chicken pox, shingles, and even lyme disease. Its potent ant-inflammatory and tissue regenerating properties are evident in its successful use with all kinds of muscle and joint pain and soreness, muscular and skeletal injuries, mouth and gum problems, arthritis and bursitis.

General Dosage Information for Herbal Aloe Force Juice

This herbal aloe formulation really works. Dosage will depend on your general health status and how many different weaknesses you are addressing as well as how hard the body is being attacked. One thing people often don't understand about this herbal aloe formula is that the more you drink, the faster your health will be restored and supported. The faster you strengthen all the systems of the body, the less aloe they'll need once health has been restored. This is something the body does NOT build up a resistance or insensitivity to, or get dependent on.

At first, the aloe may be addressing many, many areas of the body's health and may be supporting a lot of cleansing and repair. You can usually gauge your proper dosage by gradually increasing your dosage (always in split dosages on an empty stomach 2 - 4 or more times a day) until your symptoms disappear, and you get the results you are looking for: energy, no pain, comfortable digestion, balanced elimination, clear nasal and sinus, clear and moisturized skin, and specific symptoms of certain conditions decrease. Stay at that dosage for a while (1-3 months or more) and then try to reduce by an ounce a day to establish your maintenance dosage which will be where you can maintain the results you gained. Of course when you feel your body is fighting off some illness then quickly increase your dosage to boost your body to fight back. It is much easier to prevent an illness that cure it. Be sure to consult with your health practitioner. This is a good opportunity to familiarize them with this herbal aloe formula and what it can do to support and even enhance any other treatment recommendations they may suggest.

Health Care for Your Skin and Skin System.

Practically every skin care product on the market has aloe vera as a primary ingredient. Yet as good as some of these lotions are, because the aloe is severely damaged by the way they are processed, their healing properties are minimal compared to the fresh plant. This Herbal Aloe Force skin gel by Herbal Answers, is even more potent than the fresh plant because the whole leaf is used including the parts where the healing nutrients are manufactured and stored. This is truly the world's first no-heat, Bio-Protected™, whole leaf aloe vera skin gel combined with powerful healing and antioxidant herbs as well as colloidal silver and hyaluronic acid (more moisturizing and non-sticky).

This aloe skin gel is great for any topical purpose bringing all its properties discussed earlier including moisturizing, soothing, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral, pain relieving, itch relieving, tissue regeneration, increasing blood flow and engaging the immune system's support.

We are experiencing the healing of skin disorders, conditions and wounds with an effectiveness we have never seen before. You have never really seen what aloe vera can do topically until you try this gel. I recently worked with someone bedridden for 9 months with serious bedsores and putting the gel on several times each day I saw phenomenal recovery in just a few days. This gel is being used in nursing homes as their wound care treatment of choice for everything including decubitis ulcers stage I - IV in place of $300+ per tube synthetic growth factor creams. They are seeing results like they never thought possible.

I have seen great success using it with skin conditions such as rashes, psoriasis, eczema, shingles, chicken pox, rosecea, dryness, allergies, fungus, warts and more. But, of course, it is always best to also feed the skin system from the inside out and use both the juice and the gel when addressing any systemic conditions as well as any serious skin condition and injuries such as deep wounds and severe burns.

This herbal aloe gel delivers all its healing, pain and itch relieving properties locally and it also penetrates into deep tissues bringing its anti-inflammatory and tissue regenerating properties. These properties make it exceptional for any soft tissue injuries and soreness as well as arthritis. This gel should not be overlooked for its soothing, pain relieving and healing effects for all muscular/skeletal injuries. The more often it is applied the faster the healing time. I have seen sports injuries (muscle injuries) healed overnight and broken toes being walked on in minutes and healed within 2 weeks.

I have also seen great success with all types of acne conditions. Many people starting as teenagers begin using antibiotics on a continual basis, which creates long term damage in them by creating candida and sometimes liver damage. Yet by using this herbal aloe either topically or internally, but preferably both, and a good probiotic and a good basic clean diet, I have seen again and again the aloe to clear up and control even the most severe, chronic cases of acne. Again, the more often it is applied the faster the healing.

This gel is wonderful for both relief from pain and itch but also stopping and preventing reactions of acne, chicken pox, any inflammations, bug bite reactions (mosquito, red ants, bees...), poison ivy...It is best to put on the gel before exposure but put on as soon as you suspect a bite or beginning of a reaction. I have seen highly allergic people and children completely avoid reactions to both mosquitoes, red ants and bee stings.

This gel is effective to promote optimal health of the skin and to prevent, relieve symptoms of pain and itch as well as heal all types of skin damage including: infections of all types, burns of all types and all degrees (sunburn, sun damage, razor burn, radiation and chemical burns), age and liver spots, skin lesions, skin tears, abrasions, blisters, surgical scars, acne and hormonal acne and scars, bedsores, ulcers and all wounds, hemorrhoids, boils, skin cancers, melanomas, all types of rashes (including diaper rash), KS, felliculitis, mouth and gum sores (thrush, herpes), bites, warts, genital warts, varicose veins, stings, bites, bumps, lumps, bruises of all kinds and last but not least WRINKLES - it is the only thing on the market that I have seen that actually stimulates the growth of new tissue, stimulating the release of elastin and collagen and other cofactors that produces new tissue that permanently fills in the wrinkled skin.

Beware of Fraud.

I cannot emphasize enough how critical it is to know to your sources and to buy good brands of formulas. While exaggeration, misrepresentation, poor quality and hype are the norm with many products, the deceit and adulteration of product among the brands of aloe vera must surely win the annual award for greatest fraud. After much research, I recommend only Herbal Aloe Force (HAF) by Herbal Answers, Inc. as a dependable source for effective aloe vera juice and topical skin gel. I also recommend the HAF as a fantastic and preferred source for cat's Claw, Essiac, Astragalus, Pau d’Arco, Hawthorne Berry, and Colloidal Silver as you can be assured of the quality and increased bio-availability of all the herbs as well as the colloidal silver.

As far as the cat's claw goes, we are faced with companies who are marketing preparations containing the entire root instead of just the inner bark and others who are selling mixtures containing the related species uncaria gutanensis, a less expensive and more easily harvested but less therapeutically effective species. In some cases you don't even get an uncaria species because some companies are surely selling sarsaparilla root, redwood bark, mahogany shavings and other such nonsense.

One must also be very careful with Essiac formulations, as well, because some companies use Yellow Dock instead of Sheep Sorrel. The herbs themselves, how they are extracted, the balance of the herbs and the form it is in will determine its effectiveness in the body.

Colloidal silver is a crucial supplement for alternative, natural, holistic health care but it must be a true colloid meaning it is so small it cannot enter healthy cells and stays in a colloidal suspension. An electro statically charged ionized colloidal silver is the most effective and safest form of silver and is the kind used in the Herbal Aloe Force with Colloidal Silver. I recommend taking extra Colloidal Silver in addition to the Herbal Aloe Force during times of illness or impending illness. And as always I recommend working with your health practitioner to develop a comprehensive nutritional and health supporting program.

John Finnegan, ND, a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, researcher, and the author of 10 books presenting his work in the wholistic health sciences. His previous works, "The Facts about Fats" and "Recovery from Addiction" have received widespread professional recognition. This article is taken from "The Healing Aloe: Nature's Wondrous Gift and "Cancer Prevention and Recovery".

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