Testimonies of Raw
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Spirulina is a microscopic blue-green algae that has
been used as a significant food source for centuries.

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Why we no longer say certified organic Spirulina.
Our cold processed, all natural, raw spirulina is grown pesticide and herbicide free, and does not contain any genetically modified organisms (GMOs).Our raw spirulina out performs certified organic spirulina in both taste and nutritional delivery. Click here for details.

People taking raw spirulina report finding relief from painful conditions, seeing improvement in skin conditions, feeling more energetic, losing weight, and generally experiencing an increased sense of well-being. Here are some excerpts from letters that were sent to the offices of Nutrex / Cyanotech in Hawaii. While these are not scientific studies, they do show how some people feel about all natural raw spirulina from Hawaii.

AARP Magazine, the world's highest circulation magazine produced by the American Association of Retired People, rates Spirulina as "the #1 food that can add years to your life" in the Sept/Oct 2006 issue. If you are going to follow AARP's advise, why settle for simple certified organic spirulina, why not choose the best?

Testimonies of Raw Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica Users.

I just wanted to let you know how spirulina changed my life. Two and a half years ago, when I was 29, I developed a painful condition [My doctor gave me a prescription drug] which only upset my stomach and gave me vertigo. By this time I was finding it difficult to sleep, let alone walk, and I was forced to quit my job. [Then my doctor gave me another prescription drug] which brought me some relief during the acute stage. The main drawback, besides its exorbitant price, was that it was very hard on my stomach. I spent the next six months in a state of nausea... I was able to walk short distances but it still hurt terribly.
Then one day a friend gave me some raw spirulina tablets.... after a few days something wonderful happened-I realized I had no pain.... I didn't attribute it to the spirulina, however, I thought it was a natural occurrence.... After a few weeks I ran out of spirulina, and sure enough, those nagging aches began to return. After a few painful days, I finally hit myself on the head and said, "it was the spirulina!"
Since that day, about 6 months ago, I've never been without it. Not only has my pain disappeared, my overall mental and physical state is better. Thanks to your raw spirulina tablets, I wake up each morning feeling fine and able to do things I was afraid I would never be able to do again. What can I say? Spirulina is the greatest!
(M. Simon, Fullerton, CA)

Your Raw Food Hawaiian Spirulina is an excellent product. It has put the desire to live back in me. Before I started the tablets...I was so miserable with pain of all kinds all over my body, shooting pains, tired pain in my hip, aches in my calves. I am now improved so that I can exercise...and my feeling is vastly different.
I have told many others and started my two sisters and a fellow worker on your raw spirulina. I hope they are helped by it too, although mine was an extreme case which medical doctors and chiropractors couldn't seem to help.
(M. Honmyo, Seattle, WA)

I am seventy years of age...At the time [I started taking raw spirulina tablets] I was having severe pain in my knees and legs, which became much worse when I would lay down. I couldn't kneel and had difficulty even bending my knees. Now I am able to bend my knees and even do knee bends. I am very happy to say I no longer have the pains in my knees. I am so happy to have discovered these miracle raw food tablets. I feel so much better, not only with my knees and legs, but in my general health.
(N. Behling, Palm Bay, FL)

I wish to tell you how much I appreciate the introduction to your raw spirulina. I first became aware of the product when I asked a neighbor what her secret was in keeping in such good shape and how she gets so much energy. She told me that she had eaten your raw spirulina for one year, and she gets abundant energy from the raw food form of spirulina. I was at that time in the process of moving, and was afraid, by doing all the work myself, I will hurt myself again, especially my shoulders (bursitis), and back (old age, I guess). I am 59 years old. I started to eat 6 raw spirulina tablets daily, two weeks before moving. Needless to say, I got through all with flying colors, experienced strength I had not known for a long time.
Thank you for making this great raw whole food product available to me. I feel younger, better, stronger, can work better with more energy. I am recommending your raw food spirulina to my friends, and for a good deed, I get them started with a first supply.
(E. Corderoy, Hilo, HI)

Several years ago I took [a prescription drug] for severe neck pain. I stopped taking it when my sister told me about your raw spirulina. I seldom have any discomfort in this area now. [The prescription drug] was not nearly as effective as your raw spirulina tablets.
(N. Hawkins. India, CA)

I am 64 years of age and have had a bone density test. They determined I have arthritis in two vertebrae, pelvic bone and knee joint. I was in so much pain it was hard to walk any distance and had trouble sleeping as I would wake with severe pain in entire right leg.
When I first heard about raw spirulina I did not think it would work but I was willing to give it a try. After three weeks I can now walk two miles without pain. I thank God for my raw spirulina supplement and for Clara who told me about it.
(L. Enmon, Ontario, Canada)

I feel better in the mornings and have more stamina and energy.
(D. Waki, Wailuku, HI)

I am 83 years of age...haven't been to a doctor in over 30 years. Since I have been taking Your Raw Hawaiian Spirulina, I find I am much more energetic...my skin tone is so much better.
(E.H. Bowen, Fort Lauderdale, FL)

Your raw spirulina is doing wonders for me and I am enthusiastically spreading the news to friends and neighbors.
(M. Radke, Panama City, FL [90 years old])

I am a 63 year old woman...I was beginning to think I would have to give up my [cleaning] business as I was in so much pain...After taking 6 raw spirulina tablets everyday for three weeks, the first thing I noticed was that all the soreness and pain were gone from my hands and that my ankles didn't make a noise when I walked. After my second bottle I could work eight and ten hours straight and still no pain. [I ran out of spirulina] and after two weeks the soreness and pain had returned. After starting back on your raw spirulina, within four days all the swelling and pain was gone. I have more energy and just feel better all over...I don't want to be without spirulina again.
(A. Walls Mebourne, FL)

I have been taking raw spirulina as a supplement for six months. Mostly six tablets a day, sometimes more. I started taking Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica when I had a painful condition in my right knee.. Within two weeks I had no pain. It also gave me so much energy. I have not been hungry between meals. I also noticed that I do not get colds and flu during the flu season, even though I was in contact with my family who did have the flu, I did not get it... I know this natural product is from God. I recommend it to anyone. Thank you.
(C.B. Lang, Indialantic, FL)

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Spirulina Pacifica tablets

Raw Spirulina 400 tablets Item #4056
Our special sale price is $14.95
(reg. $32.99)
Special Sale Price while supplies last exp date 01/2018

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