Emergency survival advice.
How to prepare for a pandemic.

Sound emergency survival advice for all conditions caused by natural or man-made disasters.

If and when the bird flu or some other virus develops into a pandemic, will you be prepared?

The NIH (National Institute of Health) recommends stocking at least 6 to 8 weeks of food, clean water, and drugs in order to survive the shortages caused by a pandemic of bird flu or other uncontrolled virus. Emergency survival experts, however, say that a true pandemic of bird flu would last 12 to 18 months and would affect the entire world's economy and its ability to supply provisions to countless millions of people.

Drugs, clean water and food would be in short supply at best during this time and medical care would be virtually impossible to find due to a shortage of available qualified medical personnel. In brief, everyone would be on their own, so let's start with the basics of survival.

NUMBER 1. Clean Water : In the event of a pandemic or any other type of natural disaster requiring emergency survival skills, one of the first resources threatened would be city and municipal water supplies. These sources of water relay on chlorine and electricity to purify potentially contaminated water coming from reservoirs, lakes and rivers. The average municipality and even most large cities stock only one to two weeks supply of chlorine. Once this supply runs out (and it will during a pandemic) your source of clean water will be gone. Some homes have water purification systems like distillers, RO units and UV systems that can be a God-send for short term emergency survival. All of these water treatment systems, however, have a single weakness; they all require power and pressurized water to operate. In the event of a pandemic or other natural disaster, electricity will almost certainly be seriously affected as will your pressurized water supply. Your solution for emergency water survival: The Seagull IV base camp hand pump portable water purifier by General Ecology.

NUMBER 2. Emergency food : As mentioned earlier, as a precaution in the event of a flu pandemic or any other type of natural disaster, the NIH recommends having a store of 6 to 8 weeks of canned goods. Emergency survival experts recommend 12 to 18 months of food storage. If the pandemic or natural emergency disaster is severe enough, the global economy will crash as will the global food supply.
Eighteen months worth of canned goods requires a tremendous amount of space and money to stock, rotate, and initially buy. Unfortunately unless you live in a warm climate and have access to some land for home gardening, then stocking up on seeds is not an option for you. Even if you have the option of growing your own food in the spring, summer and fall, you would still need several weeks of canned goods initially and several more for your winter supply. You would also need a constant supply of clean water for your garden once you begin planting. If it's feasible, digging a hand pump well in or near your garden may save your life in an emergency survival situation.
For some additional options, you might also consider stocking up on eatable sprout seeds. Sprouts are extremely nutritious and require minimal lighting. They can be grown year round in your kitchen as long as you have a source of clean water (they have to be rinsed at least 2 times per day). Indoor box gardens are also an additional possibility if you are feeding only one or two people and have a room that receives plenty of year-round sunlight. Again clean water is an absolute necessity for the success of such a garden. Considering all the options, it would seem foolish if you are serious about emergency survival preparedness not to begin stockpiling caned goods. Please be cautious to check expiration dates and make sure to continuously rotate and replenish your stores so your supplies will remain fresh at all times.
Personally I can not imagine living on canned foods for any period of time without the addition of some good whole food supplements. Most of the whole food supplements found in our catalog have at least a one to three year shelf life according to the date stamps. Many of them have also been tested well past the date on the box or bottle and will remain viable for at least another year past the date as long as they are stored in a cool dry location away from direct sunlight. We do offer additional discounts on most of our products for orders over $500.00. Stock up now and save for your future.

NUMBER 3. Emergency Survival Medicine / Drugs / First Aid : The fact is you can not stock up on prescription drugs. It is indirectly against the law. Doctors are only allowed to prescribe a limited number of months of drugs and then you will have to visit the doctor and get your prescription renewed. No doubt the pharmacies will be permitted to extend these restrictions, however, it is doubtful that during a pandemic or extreme emergency disaster the pharmacies will even have any drugs available. You can stock up on over the counter medication and emergency first aid supplies, but again be very cautious of expiration dates.

Are there any emergency survival drug options available? You bet, Shoko and I (Mike) have been living those options for over 30 years now. Neither of us can recall the last time we suffered with the Flu or even a serious cold. Nature has provided us with certain functional foods (Chlorella, Maitake Mushroom, and many more), which stimulate the adaptive mechanisms of the body.* Such functional foods are called adaptogens. These whole food supplements contain a special complex chemistry of nutrients, which your body easily identifies and absorbs, providing an integrated structure of nutrients, which aid in regaining and maintaining a balanced body system.* Our bodies recognize and utilize, to the fullest, the complex nutritional values from functional foods and whole food supplements. Unlike vitamin / mineral supplements, whole food supplements give us the advantage of all the protoplasmic elements that aid in the growth, development and balance of our cells. In fact, no vitamin or mineral supplement can ever replace the emergency nutritional value of whole food supplements.

Definition of an adaptogenic functional food whole food supplement:

The Chinese have a saying that "The whole is only as strong as the sum of its parts." Therefore, it is counterproductive to treat only the illness or its symptoms; we should treat the body as a whole. This is what adaptogenic whole food supplements do.

Shoko and I would like to invite you to join us in preparing for the future.
In our opinion, your best insurance against a pandemic is to own and maintain a strong immune system. Keep rotating a good supply of whole food supplements through your body and keep a good supply on the shelf as well. You never know what the future might bring your way. Remember "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". Please take the time to browse through our catalog of fine whole food supplements and pick out a few that seem right for you. You can also call us toll free at 1-800-654-4394 and we will be glad to assess your needs according to our conversation.

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